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Sepehr Sanat Negin

The Sepehr Sanat Negin Company (with the registration number of 291249) has been active in the field of supply and provision of raw material such as cold, hot, and API steel sheets, galvanized, steel, and industrial pipes, and constructional and industrial profile for various local companies and factories since 20061.
Because of the ability to supply the aforementioned products with the required standards and quality, this company is on the verified vendor list of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), National Iranian South Oil Company, and Iran Khodro Industrial Group (Sapco). Some of the industrial and commercial achievements of the company are as followed:

Slide Ship The products stored in the tanks are transmitted to the ships located at different ports through pipelines and thus exported. Transmission pipelines Transmission of various products from the refineries and tanks to different destinations and vice versa through pipelines is another facility of Sepehr Sanat Negin. Oil refineries In Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Co., light and heavy crude oil are refined under specific processes, and their products are transmitted out of the refinery for domestic and foreign uses. Transportation Fuel trucks and trains are other ways of transportation that load/unload the desired products at stations into the tanks.

Some Of Our Colleagues

As one of the leading companies in the oil industry of Iran, Sepehr Sanat Negin has had the honor of collaborating with the following companies and contributing to the following large-scale projects:

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