Sepehr Sanat Negin has optimized all of its activities based on the necessities and the needs of society, in order to provide the best and most efficient services to its treasured customers, kind workers, regulatory bodies, suppliers and shareholders, and will continue to provide its services in this framework.

We pursue the following goals when doing our duties:

Business prosperity
Addressing the needs of our beneficiaries with emphasis on the needs of our valuable customers.
Improving and optimizing regulatory and operational systems to provide the best possible services to our dear customers.
Using the latest technologies and methods in the world to facilitate the development and operation processes.
Correcting and improving consumption patterns, and protecting the resources and assets of shareholders. 
Adhering to local, national, and international laws and standards.
Constant improvement to the quality of services.
Constant improvement and preparation for quick and efficient responses to occupational and environmental health emergencies.