Execution of oil terminals

Investing in the establishment of oil terminals and their implementation on small and large scales for various products

Providing Various Exported Pumps

Providing and Operating Cathodic Protection System

Chemical corrosion of metals is one of the main and costly issues in large industries, especially oil, gas, refinery, power, water, and waste industries. Fuel transportation and distribution pipes, water transportation and distribution pipes, docks, condensers, utility poles, ships, fuel storage tanks, and other structures that are buried or floating in electrolytes, corrode depending on the metallurgy and their structure. Overtime time, this can disrupt a system or an active procedure, which results in many irrecoverable damages and costs. 

 Providing and Operating Fire and Gas Detection System

Fire and Gas Detection Systems (F&G Systems) are used in sensitive and important projects. Based on their model, these systems have special and advanced features to connect to various gas, flame, etc. detectors.

Providing Various Exported Pumps


As a mechanical machine, a pump is responsible for transporting liquid, especially to higher heights (increased head) or lower heights (pool or storage)